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Asrindra B. W.

11 October 2021, 15:35

The Secret to Making a Great First Impression (part two)

Siska and Dian have finally finished their meeting with Ibu Margareth (previous story here). They are currently having lunch together. "Wow, Mbak Dian's presentation. I can see that Margareth is interested in the offer from our office, Ma'am,” said Siska. "Yeah, I'm still learning. Putting into practice what I've read in Kevin Hogan's The Science of Influence. "Oh yes ma'am. The secret to giving a very attractive first impression does not have a sequel, right?”, said Siska. "Yeah, let's continue.

  1. If you feel nervous about your meeting, surely the client will feel the same way. So try to relax. Not only fixated on thinking about giving a good presentation but also listening to clients as well.
  2. Show genuine interest and interest in clients/customers, and in their interests, goals and business. So we don't just have an interest. But also find out what their needs are.
  3. Make sure you know what the client wants your product/service to do. This means we already know what the advantages and disadvantages of our product are. So that when we explain, we can already match what products are according to their needs.
  4. When we do a presentation, pay attention to the speed of speaking and listening to the client and balance it. Do not be too fast or too slow later it can result in information that is not conveyed properly.
  5. If you meet a female client, keep your eye level below the eyes of the person you are dealing with. Because women are more comfortable when their eye level is higher than the eyes of the people around them.
  6. If the client seems emotional, do not exceed their emotional level. Just ignore the feelings that arise from their anger.
  7. If there has been a strong relationship or chemistry between us and clients, try to offer if we provide the best (best price and service) whether they will cooperate with us.

"Hopefully you can learn and I'm sure you can do a good presentation too, Siska," said Dian. "Definitely Ma'am. I learned from good mentors because. Hehehe".