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23 November 2021, 16:29

President Director of TIKI Explains 3 Main Strategies of the Company, JAKARTA - PT. Citra Van Titipan Kilat (TIKI) continues to be committed to being a strong and reliable partner for the people of Indonesia, in particular, for the needs of domestic and foreign delivery through technology-based service innovations. "We are very proud and grateful that at the age of 51, TIKI is able to maintain its commitment to become a trusted and reliable shipping service company for the people of Indonesia," said TIKI President Director Yulina Hastuti to Yulina said that the past five decades have become clear evidence of how TIKI can continue to follow the development of needs and remain the customer's choice, despite the emergence of new players in the courier service.

In running its business, TIKI always focuses on three main strategies, first, namely operational excellences (the best service quality with qualified operational capabilities). The second is customer intimacy, always prioritizing the needs and interests of consumers and product and service quality leadership, product excellence and service quality. "These three things are what we continue to maintain consistency, so that customers get the best experience when transacting with TIKI," explained Yulina.

Yulina added that over the past five decades, TIKI has further solidified its position as a pioneer and leader in the courier and logistics service industry which has proven to be a strong and reliable partner for business people in various economic situations, including the current pandemic. "TIKI also continues to transform its business by maximizing the use of technology to increase business resilience, which is oriented towards customer comfort and satisfaction," said Yulina.(chi/jpnn)

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