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Asrindra B. W

07 September 2020, 13:51

50 Years of Serving the Country TIKI: Continuously Developing Business and Making More Contribution to Indonesian Society and Nation

Friends of TIKI, on September 1, 2020, PT Citra Van Titipan Kilat (TIKI) has entered its golden age of 50 years. That means that for the past 5 decades TIKI has continued to exist and serve our beloved country, Indonesia.

Starting with two main branches in Pangkalpinang and Semarang, TIKI currently has an operational network covering 66 major cities in Indonesia, supported by more than 500 representative offices, more than 3700 outlets and more than 6,000 employees throughout Indonesia. TIKI builds partnerships with local entrepreneurs, grows together and encourages regional economic growth through franchise partnerships. And currently TIKI has more than 3,000 agency / franchise partners throughout Indonesia.

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of TIKI Serving Negri which was held virtually, TIKI President Director, Mrs. Yulina Hastuti said that for 5 decades, TIKI has gone through various phases of era development and changes in consumer behavior. TIKI continues to learn, make improvements and strengthen internally by adhering to three (3) areas, namely operational excellences (the best quality service with high operational capabilities), customer intimacy (always prioritizing the needs and interests of consumers) and product and service quality leadership (product excellence). and service quality). TIKI also continues to strengthen the application and utilization of technology in every aspect of the company's business in order to increase productivity, efficiency and ease of interaction between the company and customers. This is done by TIKI to be able to stay competitive and reach out to millennial consumers.

TIKI's future plan, according to the Vice President Director of PT Citra Van Titipan Kilat, Mrs. Ester Wiraseputra is the development of a distribution network so that it can reach more than 90% of Indonesia's territory, Development and expansion of our product and service coverage throughout Indonesia, including TIKI services Drive Thru 24 hours, TIKI PUTAR and TIKI SERLOK, as well as innovation for corporate services and strengthening operational infrastructure by prioritizing automation technology and digital technology.

In celebration of TIKI Serving Negri's 50th Anniversary, a Book Launching of TIKI Serving the Nation's 50 Years entitled "Pioneer Couriers in the Country" was held, which tells of the origin of the founders of TIKI in building a courier business, the leadership applied by the late. Mr Soeprapto and the three co-founders, namely Alm. Mr. Irawan Saputra, Bpk Gideon Wiraseputra and Bpk Raphael Rusmadi; challenges in each era, how TIKI can continue to exist and become one of the most trusted courier companies today, and the spirit of sharing that has been instilled by the founders of TIKI as a form of corporate responsibility.

The excitement of TIKI's 50th Anniversary of Serving the Nation was added to the announcement of the winners of the Photo and Journalism Competition which was attended by 45 Media in Indonesia, the distribution of door prizes for employees.

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