• Overnight Service (ONS): 1 day
  • Regular Service (REG): 2 days
  • Economy Service (ECO): 4 days

  • TIKI Application or Check Receipt feature.
  • Visit the official TIKI website: https://tiki.id
  • Call 1500125

Yes, deliveries are made every day, including Sundays.

  • Through Email at [email protected]
  • Via phone at 1500125
  • Visit directly at TIKI main/branch offices or stations.

JEMPOL stands for "Jemput Online" which means Online Pickup. Shipments are picked up, and orders can be placed via the TIKI application.

SERLOK stands for "Seller Online Booking" a TIKI program facilitating Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and online businesses that do not yet have legal entities. For more information, visit the website www.tiki.id.

For shipments with a value exceeding 10 times the shipping cost, it is recommended to be insured through insurance companies in collaboration with TIKI.

For claim procedures, they can be done on the TIKI website or application. For further information, contact 1500125.

Sending liquid items can only be done when using ground transportation methods.

All documents and goods can be sent through TIKI, except for shipment types regulated in the TIKI Shipping Terms and Conditions or prohibited by aviation regulations.

Can TIKI deliver Animals (Tropical Fish) and Live Plants?

What is the Payment System at TIKI?