Cash on Delivery (COD)

This service is available on certain E-Commerce platforms and TIKI partners, allowing customers to make payment when the TIKI courier delivers the ordered items upon receipt

TIKI Drive Thru

TIKI's revolutionary package delivery sales outlet provides convenience without having to leave your vehicle


E-Signature service is an advanced solution for timely package receipt by the recipient. With this service, customers can easily and securely sign packages through a digital signature

Email Notifications

Email Notification service is a practical solution to provide informative email notifications to senders/receivers


JEMPOL (Jemput Online) - Easy Package Pickup at Your Fingertips. It is a revolutionary app-based service specially designed to facilitate package pickups for FREE

Insurance Service

A protection solution for customers' packages that enhances security during shipment. With the insurance service, TIKI customers can send their packages with greater peace of mind


Loyalty program specifically designed for TIKI loyal customers across Indonesia. By becoming a SOBATIKI member, customers can enjoy various benefits

TIKI Application

The Best Solution for Easier Access to All TIKI Services. With the TIKI Application, Customers can enjoy incredible convenience in using TIKI delivery services, all within their grasp


To enhance the convenience and security of customer shipments, TIKI provides special packaging services to ensure that customers' packages are sent in a better and safer condition

Pickup Service

The pickup service is a practical solution for sending large items using a fleet of cars or trucks. TIKI provides a special pickup service that adds convenience and security to customer shipments

Realtime Tracking

Service provides the convenience of checking shipment status directly and accurately

24-Hour Sales Outlets

>Welcome to TIKI's 24-hour sales outlets, the reliable solution for your shipping needs without time restrictions. TIKI has sales outlets that are open 24/7 in major cities across Indonesia

SMS Notifications

SMS Notification service is an efficient solution to provide informative SMS notifications to senders and receivers