Sales Outlets

Looking for a secure and promising business opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur? Consider joining TIKI as a sales outlet and enjoy a range of attractive benefits. With your own business, the possibilities are endless. Let us guide you toward success.
What are the advantages?

Trusted Brand

TIKI is a well-known and dependable brand when it comes to delivery services, with a solid reputation that is widely recognized by the public. If you become a sales outlet for TIKI, you can benefit from its trusted brand and reputation.

Extensive Network

TIKI boasts an extensive network spanning across Indonesia, enabling its sales outlets to efficiently cater to a wide range of regions.

Low Investment

Becoming a TIKI sales outlet is an affordable business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs as it does not require a significant investment.

Easy Requirements

The requirements for becoming a TIKI sales outlet are simple and easy to fulfill. This enables partners to begin their business promptly and with ease.


As a TIKI sales outlet, partners can earn attractive commissions from every shipment transaction they process.


Here at TIKI, we provide customized training programs for owners of sales outlets, designed to enhance their proficiency and expertise in effectively managing their business.

Pick Up

With TIKI's "Pick Up" service, partners can take advantage of our hassle-free shipping process. We'll gather packages from our sales outlet partners, ensuring seamless delivery every time.

Take advantage of the exciting business opportunities with TIKI and become a trusted sales outlet today. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of our success story and join our renowned logistics business. We invite you to join us and reap the benefits of partnering with TIKI.

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