Asrindra B. W

15 October 2020, 15:42

LIBAS Your Package Now

TIKI friends, for those of you who often send packages in the JABODETABEK area every day, expensive shipping will certainly be a constraint on your finances. So just LIBAS-in your package with ECO products, you can really save yourself, you know! You can send a package weighing 5 Kg, the pay is only IDR 8,000. Valid until November 14, 2020, friend. Come on, hurry #pakeTIKIaja

Come on, send the #PakeTIKIAja ????

#SangatLebihBaik #MakePeopleHappy #TIKIID #PakeTIKIAja

Terms & Conditions that apply:

  1. ECO LIBAS Promo - FIVE KILO TO PAY ONE KILO for routes from & to “JABODETABEK” only applies to shipments by TIKI ECO via Sales Counter, TIKI outlets, JEMPOL App and TIKI Online Booking.
  2. Every delivery of goods with a minimum weight of 1 KG and a maximum of 5 KG, the customer is entitled to one flat price of IDR 8,000 (Eight Thousand Rupiah)
  3. If the package exceeds 5 KG, the next kilogram will be calculated the normal rate of IDR 8,000 / KG next.
  4. Promo cannot be combined with other promos.
  5. If there is indication of fraud or misuse of the promo, TIKI has the right to cancel the transaction without providing an explanation.
  6. This promo T&C is inseparable from the TIKI Terms and Conditions, and is subject to change from time to time without prior notice.