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Asrindra B.W

04 January 2021, 09:19

City Courier Promo From and To JABODETABEK, Make Your Customers Always Come Back

For TIKI friends who sell in E Commerce, we have a City Courier Promo for deliveries to and from JABODETABEK. Please choose Over Night Service (ONS) or Regular Service (REG), together make your customers always Come Back hehehe. Starting from 4 JANUARY 2021 - 3 February 2021, at Sales Counters, Outlets, JEMPOL application services, and TIKI ONLINE BOOKING services.

Terms & Conditions that apply:

  1. Promo CITY COURIER DARI/KE JABODETABEK untuk kiriman paket yang sudah ditentukan, hanya berlaku untuk pengiriman dengan TIKI REG & TIKI ONS melalui Sales Counter, Gerai TIKI, JEMPOL App dan TIKI Online Booking.
  2. For every delivery of goods with a minimum weight of 1 KG, the customer is entitled to a REG Price of Rp. 8,000, - / KG & ONS Price of Rp. 12,000, - / KG
  3. If the package exceeds 1KG, the next 1 KG will be charged its multiple price.
  4. Only valid for REG (Regular) & ONS (Over Night Service) City Courier JABODETABEK shipments.
  5. If there is indication of fraud or misuse of the promo, TIKI has the right to cancel the transaction and will provide an explanation.
  6. This promo T&C is inseparable from the TIKI Terms and Conditions, and is subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  7. For further information, please contact Customer Service at 1500 125.

So what are you waiting for, let's #PakeTIKIaja