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Asrindra B.W

01 June 2021, 09:24

4 Things Can Make A Lucky Drug (Part 2)

Dion and Andri are old friends. That morning they were enjoying Dion's favorite food, namely brains. While enjoying, Andri shared about the Luck Factor book by DR Richard Wiseman that he was reading. "Miss, let's continue what things can make us lucky according to the book," said Dion.

Alright let's move on.

  1. Expect Luck
  2. The lucky person's hopes for the future will help them fulfill their dreams and future. So lucky people wish their luck to continue in the future. Then the lucky people try to achieve their goals, even if the chances of success seem small, and persist in the face of failure. As well as lucky people hope their interactions with others will be profitable and successful.

  3. Turn Misfortune into Good Luck
  4. Lucky people are able to turn their misfortune into luck. Because lucky people see the positive side of their misfortune. And lucky people believe that any misfortune in their life will, in the long run, be good. That is why people who are lucky do not linger on their misfortunes. And lucky people will take constructive steps to prevent more misfortunes in the future.

    "Well, bro," said Andri closing his story. From outside the courtyard, someone shouted "Package". "Now that my package has arrived. Wait a minute, "said Andri. Soon Andri returned with a plastic wrap. "What's that bro?", Asked Dion. "It's just you who have food. This coffee is typical of the Jambi region. I also ordered to use TIKI's KITA SDS. While still discounted until August 15, 2021". Andri said. And the two friends spent the morning with brains from Makassar and Jambi specialty coffee.