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Asrindra B.W

04 June 2021, 09:33

The Princess and The Butterfly

"Papa, please read me a story," said Anya to her father, handing her favorite storybook. "Oh, this is the storybook we ordered online yesterday, right?" "Yes Pa, It delivered by Mas TIKI," said Anya.

Then her father began to read stories to Anya, "Once upon a time a princess came to a teacher. He looked gloomy and tired. "I want to be happy, Sir, but how do I do it?" asked the Princess. "I've looked everywhere, but still, I don't feel happy," She continues.

The teacher smiled. He asked the Princess, "Why are you looking for happiness?". The Princess replied, "because I have achievements in all fields, and I have all the treasures in the world, but I always feel unfulfilled," the Princess replied.

The teacher started to explain, "Look around us, we're in a park. Now, let's see, there's a butterfly perched on a flower." "Oh yes, Sir, the butterfly is beautiful," I tried to catch it, said the Princess. She immediately jumped up and chased the butterfly. Not long after, the Princess returned. "It's hard, Sir. I can't catch it." "Well, happiness is like that butterfly. The more we chase it, the more it runs away from us," said the teacher. So how do you catch the butterfly, Sir?" asked the Princess. The teacher did not answer. He just lay down on the grass. "Be one with nature," said the teacher. "How to blend with nature?" asked the Princess. Try to feel the sun's rays on your skin, try to breathe the air around you, and be grateful because we still get the opportunity to live by the Giver of Life. "Leave your ego," said the teacher. "Because no one has an ego, it is happy and leaves all your desires too." The teacher continues. Then the Princess follows the teacher's words. She began to focus on the teacher's advice and began to forget all her problems. Then she found something different. She felt peace in her heart. When the Princess enjoyed the peacefulness, a butterfly came into her body, and the Princess quickly caught the butterfly.

"Well, that's the story," said Papa as he closed the book. "Let's eat first, Anya's favorite martabak, Papa is hungry." Then Papa and Anya walked to the dining table and ate their favorite martabak.