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Asrindra B.W

11 June 2021, 09:22

3 Keys to Starting a New Habit

Ali was cleaning his bike when Bowo came. "Wow, you're diligent, Bro, it's great. It's getting shiny," said Bowo.

"Come in, bro. I'll get you a drink first, OK? "OK, bro.

While waiting, Bowo's eyes fell on a book called "Atomic Habit" by James Clear.

Soon Ali came with a drink. "Let's drink first, bro. I have a new syrup sent from Pangkal Pinang." "Wow, that's far," said Bowo. "Relax, I'm using SDS KITA from TIKI. So it's easier to send food from these areas," said Ali.

"Wow, that's cool, especially now that you're reading Atomic Habit, bro," said Bowo. "Ah, this is also new, bro. I'm trying to build new good habits. Yes, it's like reading a book and exercising," said Ali. "Wow, that's interesting. How do you do it?" asked Bowo.

"For example, reading books regularly. Well, first of all, I'll just make the target simple. Read 15 minutes every day". Ali explained. "Secondly, I will put the book in a place that is easily visible so that I will want to read it even more. And thirdly, after reading a book for 15 minutes, I will give myself a gift to be able to drink my favorite coffee," said Ali.

"Wow, great," said Bowo. "The important thing is that we don't skip or miss our new good habits twice. Because usually, we will find an excuse not to do it again", explained Ali.

"Well, according to the book "Atomic Habits" that I read, it's called the 1 Percent Law. So every 1 percent of good things or new habits that we do consistently, then in a year later we will get 37 times to progress. That's it, bro," said Ali.

"Oh, I see. Alright, I'll try the tips from you, Bro," said Bowo. "OK. The main key to good habits is repetition, not perfection", said Ali. "Let's ride now." Soon Ali and Bowo were cycling together.