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Asrindra B.W

14 July 2021, 15:48

Have You Been Vaccinated Buddy?

Have you vaccinated against Covid 19 pal?

The purpose of vaccination is to make the immune system and be able to recognize if there is an incoming virus and fight when exposed to disease. In addition there are several benefits of vaccination, namely:

  1. Reducing morbidity and mortality due to COVID-19 .The COVID-19 vaccine can trigger the body's immune system to fight the Corona virus. So your risk of getting infected with this virus will be much smaller. Even if someone who has been vaccinated catches COVID-19, the vaccine can prevent severe symptoms and complications.
  2. Encouraging the formation of Herd Immunity. If given in bulk, the COVID-19 vaccine is also able to encourage the formation of herd immunity in the community. This means that people who cannot get the vaccine, such as newborns, the elderly, or people with auto-immune diseases, can get protection from the people around them.
  3. Minimize economic and social impacts. If most people already have a good immune system to fight COVID-19, social and economic activities can return to normal.