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Asrindra B. W.

22 July 2021, 06:18

Use TRUCKING (TRC) Service Send over 10 Kg, Cheaper Postage

"Mas, Mama wants to send the children's swing to Pekalongan. So that it can be used by Aunt Maya's children who are still small. How do you do it?” Mama Ieya asked Andru, her first child. "Oh, it's easy Mom. Let's check the cost, Ma. Here we open the TIKI application, enter the name of the City of Pekalongan. So, where is Pekalongan, Ma?”, asked Andru. In Wiradesa District Mas, Mama Ieya answered. "Then how much does the swing weigh, Ma? Are there more than 10 kg?”, Andru asked again. "I think so, Mas," answered Mama Ieya. Well, here are some services at TIKI Ma. There is something very affordable, Ma, it's called the Trucking Service (TRC). Send packages above 10 kg, cheaper postage.

"Wow, I've just used TRC, bro, later Mama will contact Auntie Maya. Later, please help Mam to wrap the swing," said Mama Ieya. "Just take it to the TIKI Sales Counter, Ma, the staff will help us to pack our packages," answered Andru. "Oh yes, then let's go to TIKI," answered Mama Ieya. And they went to TIKI.