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Asrindra B. W.

06 August 2021, 11:51

Rise Again

"Why are you tired, why?" asked Rio when he saw his best friend Uki. Uki's face looked sad unlike usual. "I'm stupid Bro", said Uki. "Stupid why?", asked Rio. “Yesterday I joined the Online Loans group. Turns out to be a fraud. Then I've used the money for my children's school fees again. I'm stupid!” said UKI regretting his actions.

"Oh, well, don't do it again, Bro. I feel sorry for your children if they can't go to school," said Rio. Now it's time for you to rise again. I just read this devotional about a marathon athlete from America. He managed to win the 21 km race with a time of 59 minutes 43 seconds. And he was the first US athlete to finish the race in under an hour. Well, he told me that before that he failed continuously, but he learned from his failures. And he remembers there is one verse of Scripture that strengthens him constantly, namely, “For the righteous fall seven times, but he rises again” (Proverbs 24:16). The Runner learned not to depend on his own strength but also to depend on God. When he surrenders to God, he feels that he has the strength to face every difficulty he encounters, from seemingly trivial matters to really tough struggles. And he continues to practice until he gets a champion”, explained Rio.

"Thanks Brader," said Uki. "Eh, what are you carrying in the plastic?" said Rio. "I'm trying to sell food made by my wife to collect my children's school fees that I use," said Uki. "Well, it's really fitting that I haven't had breakfast, bro. I bought one. How much does it cost?” said Rio. "Five thousand," said Uki. "Yes, here's the money. The return is for you Bro". Rio said. "Thanks Bro", said Uki.

"I've had the same experience as you bro. I was tempted by an online loan, and my money ran out. Then I continue to start selling online bro. Well luckily I registered Serlok from TIKI," said Rio. "Serlok what is Bro?", asked Uki. “Serlok is an Seller Online Booking, Bro. Very helpful for those of us who sell online in the Jakarta area,” said Rio. "How bro?", asked Uki. So, try opening the TIKI website in the partnership section. Later, it will be clear how and the benefits that will be obtained,” said Rio explaining. "Thanks Brader. I'm grateful to have a friend of yours, said Uki. And the two friends told story each other again.