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Asrindra B. W.

09 August 2021, 11:16

5 Ways to Manage Time to Make Your Work More Productive

Wiwin is preparing documents that he will send. She saw his friend was writing something on the post it paper. "What are you doing, Da?", he asked Amanda. "Hey, Mbak, I'm making a to-do list today," said Amanda. "This is so that I can be more productive today, Mbak. Let no one forget," said Amanda again. Wow, you're great. Try how to manage your time to be more productive at work, I want to know," said Wiwiwn. "Well, this is it Mbak.

5 ways to manage time to make your work productive:

  1. Make a to-do list today
    Every day before work, I usually go through my to-do list for the day. I made it using post it like this and then I pasted it on my computer screen.
  2. Set a deadline
    I also made a list of urgent tasks that must be done first. Then I set a deadline for my other work.
  3. Avoid things that can interfere with work focus
    Usually when I start work I put my phone in the desk drawer and I use silent mode so I can concentrate on finishing my work.
  4. Avoid multitasking
    I do my work one by one Mbak. I'm afraid it's not optimal if you do everything at once.
  5. Rest
    Well because my job uses a computer, so every 20 minutes I take a break to stare at the computer screen. I took a short walk to the toilet to wash my face, or to get drinking water.

"Wow, your tips are great Da. I learned a lot from you. I'll try your tips so that my work will be more productive," said Wiwin. "Okay, I want to send the document first using the PUTAR service from TIKI. Mas TIKI is already in the office lobby.