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Asrindra B. W.

12 August 2021, 09:01

Everything is Easier Using the TIKI App

"Hey, what are you playing? It's really fun," asked Ana to her sister Ale when she saw her playing games on her smart phone. "This is playing the game Mas TIKI," replied Ale. “Games Mas TIKI? Where are you looking? I've never played," said Ana. "You just download the TIKI application on your cellphone, then enter the password: tikinggames," Ale explained. Ana did what Ale said. "Well, yes, it's fun," said Ana. "It's fun, isn't it?" said Ale. "Mas Ale, please help Mama send a package for Mbah Uti!", suddenly Mama's scream echoed. "Yes ma'am," replied Ale. "Where's the package, Ma?", asked Ale. "It's over there, sir," said Mama, pointing at the package. "Okay Ma", replied Ale. Ana who saw her sister re-entered the room immediately reprimanded her. “Mas, you were told by Mama to deliver the package, why didn't you do it? Later mama will be angry, said Ana. "Just calm down. In the TIKI application everything is already there. The package that Mama wants to send, I have also ordered a JEMPOL or Online Pickup service via the TIKI Application. We just have to wait for Mas TIKI to come home. If you want to check receipts, check postage, check the nearest TIKI or other TIKI services, you can. That's how we get profit by following SOBATIKI. ", said Ale explaining. "Wow, the TIKI application is really cool. If so, let's have a game, Mas TIKI. I've got 120 points, said Ana. "Come on who's afraid, replied Ale. And they were both engrossed in playing the Mas TIKI games.