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Asrindra B. W.

13 August 2021, 11:50

Jar of Life

One day off, the father took his son to camp by the river. When he was free, the child played by the river. The father approached him. He then took out a cleaned glass jar of mayonnaise. He then asked the child to put a big stone into the glass jar. The boy immediately took a large river stone to put in a glass jar. Then the father said, "Are you full yet?" , he asked the Son. "It's Father", said the Son. His father smiled. "Try to add a smaller stone again". The Son obeyed. He looked for small stones in the river and tried to put them in his father's jar. "Father is full, the jar doesn't fit," said the son. The father then shook the jar and the small stones found space from the gaps in the large stones. "Are you full?" asked his father. "Yes, Father," said the Son. His father smiled again. "Now try to put the sand into the jar." And the Son returned to put sand from the river as his father asked. The sand from the Son's hand flows into the jar. Fill the voids between the rocks so that there are no more gaps.

"Now this jar is completely full," said the father. "Why are we doing this, Father?" asked the son. His father explained. “Son, this jar is like our life. The big stone is the most important thing in life. For example: health, time with family, parents, and all the things that make life feel complete. Small stones are things that make us comfortable like work, house, car, and other possessions. Well if sand is the little things that are not too important in our lives. Later when you grow up, put "big rocks" first and then "small rocks" and "sand". "Okay, Dad," said the Son. The father smiled. He hugged his son. And grateful that He can still have time with the Son.