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Asrindra B. W.

16 August 2021, 14:12

5 Simple Steps to Practice Creativity in the Workplace

“Morning Bro”, said Riswan when he met his coworker, Anton in the office parking lot. Anton who saw Riswan immediately greeted him, "Hey Wan, why don't you bring a car?". "No bro, just trying something different," said Riswan. Wih cool bro, you are a creative person, "said Anton. "Ah, you can too bro. Here are 5 Simple Steps to Practice Creativity in the Workplace.

  1. Changing routine habits
    Start small. If we usually wear a watch on the right hand, try wearing a watch on the left hand. It may feel strange at first, but after a while you will get used to it. Or we can change the trip to the office. It will be longer or further. But we can get a different atmosphere.
  2. Meet and talk to strangers we don't know
    Meeting and talking to strangers we didn't know before made us get , in addition to new acquaintances, also gain new insights. We can try starting with colleagues in other divisions, cleaners, security officers, or even with people we just met.
  3. Record Ideas
    Sometimes ideas come from anywhere and anytime. That's why we must have a tool to record ideas that come suddenly. The tool can be a notebook and stationery, or also a note application on our smartphone.
  4. Seeing from a different point of view
    If we like photography, try photographing objects from a different angle, if we usually photograph an object from the front, try taking a photo from the side or even from behind. In the office we can see an idea or plan from a different point of view than our co-workers. Of course we must be able to explain why we choose a different point of view than our friend.
  5. Drink water according to our body's needs
    It looks trivial, but our bodies need fluid intake. According to the health journal of the Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board is 2.7 liters per day for women or the equivalent of 11.5 glasses of water. Meanwhile, the need for drinking water per day for men is 3.7 liters of water or the equivalent of 15.5 glasses of water a day.

"Well, bro. Creativity is a habit, not a genetic or innate factor, so everyone can be creative,” Riswan explained. "Okay bro. Thanks for the tips. Let's go into the room," said Anton. And the two friends walked into the room excitedly.