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Asrindra B. W.

21 August 2021, 13:52

3+1 = HAPPY

Friday morning, when he arrived at the office, Amran heard someone whistling. Not long after, his friend Ikrar came, whistling. "Bro, let's go home from work, let's exercise," said Amran to Ikrar. "Oh bad bro. I also don't bring pants for sports," said Ikrar. "It's been a long time since there's been no sport in the office since badminton is no longer there," said Amran. "Yeah. Do you want to exercise again, why?", asked Ikrar.

Apart from being healthy, I am also practicing 3+1 = happy from the motivator Arvan Pradiansyah," said Amran. "Well 3+1 instead of 4 Bro?" , said Ikrar. "Hehehe, yes, it's calculations in Mathematics. If this is 3+1 = happy. This means that there are 3 things that make us happy in our lives. And 1 thing that makes it perfect.

  1. Love: means doing whatever we do wholeheartedly, and also being willing to sacrifice, and giving the best and not complaining too much.
  2. Spirit: it means having extraordinary energy, having a contagious vibration that gives happiness to anyone who interacts with us, uniting body, mind, soul. An enthusiastic person has a healthy body, that's why I want to run this afternoon. Then his mind is always focused, and his Soul is always connected to the Creator.
  3. Faith: does not mean just being diligent in worship. But also BELIEVE in God. Well, there are 3 levels of Faith. Level 1: Believing God Exists. Level 2: believe God is present. Believe that God is present with us, including the workplace. Level 3: believe that God is a place to depend on for our lives. So when you are at this stage, your heart is calm, not worried, optimistic about the future.
  4. Adding perfection is Joy. It means we not only live life but also enjoy life. For example, I saw you walking while whistling. Happy also means finding interesting things from our lives. Then Humor. Let life not be too serious bro. It means we celebrate life..

"I see, Bro", said Amran explaining to Ikrar. "Wow, cool bro. Yes, because I can't run with you this afternoon, now I treat you to coffee in the canteen. Celebrating life. How's Bro?" , said Ikrar. "Well, that's okay," said Amran. Then the two of them went to the cafeteria to enjoy the morning with coffee.