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Asrindra B. W.

26 August 2021, 12:43

5 Reasons Why Product Packaging Is Important For Your Business

Hi friends, are you currently running an online business? Well, Mas TIKI would like to give this information. Product packaging or packaging is very important for your business. Why? Let's see

  1. Protect the product
    The most important function of product packaging is to protect the product from being easily damaged. Product packaging provides protection so that the contents of the product are not easily scratched, wet, and deformed.
  2. Build trust
    If the product packaging performs its function properly, namely protecting the contents of the product, then consumers will feel satisfied. And automatically consumer confidence will be built.
  3. Adding Attractiveness
    Product packaging must be unique so that it is different from other products. Unique packaging will add attraction for consumers to buy your product.
  4. Promote Products
    Product packaging can also be your place to promote your product. Include your brand name, tagline, manufacturing method, etc. so that consumers can love your product more.
  5. Make a Difference
    If you are marketing the same products as other businesses, product packaging can be a strategy to make a difference. Packaging will be your identity.