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Asrindra B. W.

27 August 2021, 16:07

5 Rules To Be A Leader

"Bud, we'll have coffee for a while before going home." Reza asked Budi when they had finished cleaning the Sales division office. Reza and Budi are Office Boys at a logistics company in Jakarta. "Come on," said Budi.

After changing their clothes, they headed to Bu Ami's shop next to their office. While Reza was ordering coffee, Budi waited while reading the book "The Art of Leading Without Position" by Robin Sharma. "This is Bud's coffee," said Reza as he brought coffee. "Wow, great reading." Reza said when he saw the book Budi was reading. "How bro, so that we can become leaders?", asked Reza.

So, according to this book, we can all become leaders as long as we follow these 5 Rules.

  1. Innovation
    Innovation means that we dare to be creative in doing our work. Without innovation, life is like death. With innovation we have an advantage over others.
  2. Become an expert
    Being an expert means we really know what we do well.
  3. Authentic
    Well, Authentic attitude is one of the deepest characteristics of being a leader. Not only being reliable, upholding mission and values, and speaking frankly but also being aware of all potential, being open, honest and making people feel safe around us.
  4. Instinct of courage
    This means that we must have courage and be persistent. Dare to try new things or new responsibilities. And persistent in living it
  5. Ethics
    In every job we do, it is important to maintain consistent value and maintain a good name.

"Well, according to this book, Bro," said Budi, finished explaining. "Well, that means we can all become leaders, yes, as long as we follow the 5 rules," said Reza. "I'm even more excited." "Well, let's finish the coffee first, it's cold," said Budi. Then they both spent time and coffee together.