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Asrindra B. W.

03 September 2021, 14:39

TIKI 51 Years of Dare to Change

PT. Citra Van Titipan Kilat (“TIKI”), a leading shipping service company in Indonesia, commemorates 51 years of its business existence which falls on September 1, 2021.

It was first established on September 1, 1970 by the late. Mr. Soeprapto Soeparno and Mrs. Nuraini Soeprapto who were later strengthened by the joining of the late. Mr. Irawan Saputra, Mr. Gideon Wiraseputra and Mr. Raphael Rusmadi in 1972. Starting with two main branches in Pangkalpinang and Semarang, TIKI currently has an operational network covering 66 major cities in Indonesia, supported by more than 500 representative offices, more than 4,000 outlets and more than 6,000 employees throughout Indonesia. TIKI builds partnerships with local entrepreneurs, grows together and encourages regional economic growth through franchise partnerships with more than 3,000 agency/franchise partners throughout Indonesia.

Over the past 5 decades, TIKI has further solidified its position as a pioneer and leader in the courier and logistics service industry which has proven to be a formidable and reliable partner for business people in various economic situations, including the current pandemic. In the future, TIKI will continue to be committed to serving the country and driving the wheels of economic activity in Indonesia through networks spread throughout the country, as well as delivery service innovations that are tailored to the needs of business actors, both large and MSMEs; both corporations and individuals.

In her Speech at the virtual event of the 51st TIKI Anniversary which was attended by all partners and employees, Yulina Hastuti, President Director of TIKI advised:

  1. “One of TIKI's future focuses is to build a strong and sustainable digital ecosystem. Continue to develop digital-based innovations that are oriented towards customer experience as well as operational efficiency and resilience.
  2. We will also continue to develop product and service innovations that we currently have and their scopes include SERLOK (Seller Online Booking), TIKI Play (Pick-Up) and Thumb services (Online Pick-up)
  3. “What is also very important and has taken root in TIKI is the Spirit of Sharing. TIKI is part of the community, exists to meet the needs of the community, and is a blessing to those in need. These values of concern were always instilled by the late Mr. Soeprapto during his life and we will continue to practice them until now and in the future.”

At TIKI's 51st Anniversary Commemoration in the form of Thanksgiving, TIKI raised the theme "Dare to Change". In this event, donations were also held for orphans, blind and widowed mothers, as well as door prizes for employees.

The President Director of TIKI also said, “Thank you to the Indonesian people who have been loyal and entrusted their delivery needs to us. Thank you also for the support of partners and employees so that TIKI can continue to grow and provide the best service.”