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Asrindra B. W.

07 September 2021, 08:56

Congratulations to the Winners of the TIKI Blog Competition

Hi TIKI friends, Mas TIKI congratulates the winners of the TIKI blog competition with the Topic of Safe and Convenient Online Shopping

  1. Arifah Wulansari
  2. Ica Nafisah
  3. Ika Riyanti Putri

Now, we are reading one of Arifah Wulansari's works

Increase Happiness Compound With Safe & Convenient Online Shopping

One of the safe and comfortable online shopping tips is to choose a shipping service that has a good reputation, for example, TIKI. TIKI has been the mainstay of my family's choice of delivery service for a long time. One of the TIKI services that I will never forget is when I took care of my master's graduation requirements in 2020.

At that time, due to the pandemic, I was in the last semester of online college. I also did the thesis consultation with the supervisor until the thesis trial test online. My campus is outside the city so when it came time to take care of the graduation requirements I felt paralyzed (fear of being exposed to the virus) if I had to travel out of town to collect requirements such as passport photos, hard copies of theses, book donations for the library and so on.

Fortunately, the campus gave concessions that these requirements could be sent via courier. So I chose TIKI services to send the graduation document requirements, which can't be sent online. With the help of TIKI, finally all the documents needed by the campus can be sent on time with complete and safe conditions. I remember that at that time I used the ONS (Over Night Service) product from TIKI and sure enough the next day my package was received by the campus.

Not only that, when the time came for me to take my graduation certificate and graduation gown, I was again helped by TIKI services. After attending the online graduation ceremony, I no longer need to go to my campus which is located outside the city to pick up my diploma and gown. There is a friend who lives not far from campus who is willing to help me pick it up using the power of attorney I sent. Furthermore, this friend of mine sent my diploma and toga to my house using TIKI services. Without having to go anywhere, I can pass my master's degree and get a graduation diploma from home. If it wasn't for TIKI's services, I wouldn't have been able to take a graduation photo with my family as happy as this.

TIKI is indeed very reliable for shipping goods. That's why when I shop online I always choose TIKI as my family's mainstay of the happiness package. Starting from shopping packages for food, toys, clothes, skincare, household equipment to ornamental plants, I can receive everything quickly and safely thanks to TIKI's services.

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