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Asrindra B. W.

08 September 2021, 09:15

Herbal Business Opportunities in the Pandemic Period with TIKI Delivery Services

Hello TIKI friends, this time we will read an article from Ica Nafisah, the second winner of the TIKI blogger contest. Happy reading.

Indonesia, with its wealth of spices, supports herbal products to show off. The benefits of herbal products have been enjoyed for generations. Proving that herbal products have reliable quality. With natural compositions such as ginger, turmeric, temulawak, honey and others, herbal products have many benefits.

Increased public awareness for healthy living, while creating good business opportunities. Like the business that I am starting from home, selling herbal products to meet the needs of maintaining and increasing immunity. Moreover, with advances in technology, buying and selling transactions can be done anywhere.

The process that worries me quite a bit is shipping. When the packaging is neat, the packaging is beautiful, but if irresponsible things happen during the delivery from the expedition, everything becomes chaotic. Customers will give bad testimonials, until the business image becomes bad. Worse yet, it can lose potential buyers.

A trusted expedition and has a good track record is my choice. Especially if it's not TIKI (Quick Deposit). The shipping company that has been flying since 1970, fulfills the need for safe shipping to its destination. Here's my exciting experience using TIKI, starting from receiving orders, until the products are well received in the hands of customers.

My experience sending herbal products using TIKI services is very satisfying. For me, sending a package is not just giving goods to buyers, but also entrusting a business image to the delivery service. I did not hesitate to entrust the package delivery to TIKI, because the shipment was well received, thus giving a positive impression from customers for my herbal business.

The location of TIKI outlets is easy to find because they are located at several points, the atmosphere of the outlets is comfortable and applies health protocols, TIKI officers are friendly and very concerned about package security by offering additional packing, as well as easy tracking until it reaches the customer. Excellent service and package security are proof that TIKI has been trusted by the Indonesian people for decades.

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