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Asrindra B. W.

10 September 2021, 09:40

Make a Program Share Happy and Kindness with TIKI

Hi TIKI friends, do you remember the TIKI blog contest with the Topic of Safe and Convenient Online Shopping? Now we will read the third winner of this competition. This is the work of Ika Riyanti Putri. Happy reading.

This pandemic has given birth to many stories. One of them, Bringkue

What is Bawainkue?

Formed in July 2020, Bawainkue is an official online store that sells JNC and Ina Cookies brand pastries. I hope that someday I will add a cake brand or other food, maybe a personal brand from Bawainkue. Amen. Haha. Well, these pastries are sold through the Bawainkue store marketplace. Namely in Tokopedia and Shopee. However, buyers can also buy directly through the official Bawainkue whatsapp number.

Well, to expedite the sales of this Bawainkue shop, I chose TIKI as a reliable and trustworthy expedition partner in carrying out their duties. It is proven by the absence of complaints from consumers or buyers of Bawainku regarding this expedition. WL!

Why did BAWAINKUE Choose TIKI?

The answer is two words, good reputation. In Indonesia, who does not know this shipping company? Everyone must know him, especially for people who have always sent letters and packages. TIKI's reputation in delivering goods is still good and fast, as the name implies, QUICK TITIPAN. The delivery was super fast and more than on time hehe. Another reason is the many conveniences that TIKI offers to me as a seller in the process of sending goods to buyers. Not only for sellers, TIKI also provides convenience for buyers.

For online shop owners, you must download the TIKI application. Although some of the features are still in the development stage, you can still check postage rates, order an online pick-up service, check receipts, and even look up postal code number information.

In addition to making it easier for sellers, TIKI can indeed be regarded as a friendly and comfortable expedition for online merchandise buyers. Because, TIKI provides a variety of products with various variations in postage costs. In fact, providing paid services at home!

So, after reading the reviews and information about the TIKI expedition, what do you do? Are you interested in switching or adding a TIKI expedition list for your online store, right? Another good news, there are actually many more advantages of using TIKI expedition services for online sellers, Mak! One of them is SERLOK, Seller Online Booking. What's up? For those who are curious, you can visit the TIKI website or contact their customer service. If it was explained here it would be very long! Haha.

Well, that's my discussion this time about expeditions and online shops. Hopefully this article can be useful, especially for those of you who are just starting to sell online! Keep spreading kindness and take care of your health!

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