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Asrindra B. W.

15 September 2021, 15:57

Hi Friends Are you Team JEMPOL or Team PUTAR?

Hi TIKI friends. You already know the TIKI JEMPOL and PUTAR services, right? Not yet? Oh, anywhere. Yes, Mas TIKI, please let me know. For TIKI friends, you don't need to be confused anymore or complicated in shipping matters. Just sit back and take your cell phone and open the TIKI application.

In the TIKI application, you can use the Online Pick-up (JEMPOL) or Pick-up Service (PUTAR). What's the difference between JEMPOL and PUTAR? Well, Mas TIKI, please explain. If JEMPOL is an application-based service to make it easier to pick up packages from anywhere and anywhere without a minimum weight. And postage payment is made when the courier picks up the package. You can use this service for shipping outside the area.

If you want to send a package within the city and want it to arrive quickly, just use the PUTAR service. This service makes it easy for you to send packages within a maximum of 3 hours within the city of Jakarta.

Well, I hope your day is more cheerful, my friend. When it comes to package delivery, yes #pakeTIKIaja