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Asrindra B. W.

13 September 2021, 15:48

5 Rules of Being a Respected and Respected Leader

Andri was enjoying his coffee when he heard his boss's name being called Mr. Mukhtar. "Yes, Sir ?" Andri said when he entered Mr. Mukhtar's room. "Miss, you are a Team Leader, yes, for the 51 year anniversary celebration of our office," said Mr. Mukhtar.

After leaving Pak Mukhtar's room, Andri looked confused. He went to his best friend Gisel at his desk. "Sel, please help me. I was asked to be the head of the office's birthday celebration. What should I do?" asked Andri. "Well, congratulations, Ndri. Don't worry, don't be confused. Since you've become a Team Leader, here are some tips from Robin Sharma's good book, Unemployed Leaders. 5 Rules of Being a Respected and Respected Leader

  1. Helpfulness
    A leader must have a soul to help others. Because in him he also believes that he also exists because of the help of others. One of the key points to being a leader is to always do more than your job.
  2. Understanding
    To build quality relationships, it is not only necessary to have a helpful attitude but also to be able to understand other people. Talk less and listen more often. It may seem trivial, but genuinely listening is one of the most courageous and rarest major acts of leadership.
  3. Mingle
    Communicate with your teammates and collaborate with your customers. This cycle is very valuable.
  4. Amuse
    Working happily will help increase productivity. When people work happily, stress levels are lower and they are more motivated to work harder.
  5. Nurture
    Nurture means maintaining relationships with other people. Be as pleasant as possible. Make everyone you meet better, happier, and closer than when you first met them. Don't treat other people like things, because they are not things. Take care of others and the profits will flow naturally.

"That's right, Bro", said Gisel explaining. "Wow, cool tips. But it's true, please help me," said Andri. "Yeah, I'll definitely help.