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Asrindra B. W.

06 October 2021, 13:51

3 Tips to Make Postage Cheap and Online Shopper Happy

Hi friends, this time, TIKI wants to share tips for those of you who like online shopping. You must be familiar with the term Ongkir right? Yes, Ongkir is Postage. Well, for those of you who like online shopping, you will definitely be lazy if the postage is bigger than our purchases. So that you online shoppers can continue shopping happily, try looking at the tips from Mas TIKI.

  1. Check the Location of the Online Shop
    The closer the online store is to our home or office location, the cheaper the postage will be. So don't forget to check the location of the online store.
  2. Pay attention to the package packaging
    The size of the package that we send is very influential with your postage. If indeed the package can be packaged as small as possible, the postage will be cheaper. But don't force it, buddy, your package will be damaged.
  3. Use existing promos
    Well, if this is Mas TIKI, I'm sure the online shoppers will definitely agree. Especially the discount hunters and promos who always use this opportunity. Well, Mas TIKI, there is interesting information. As of October 1 to October 31, 2021, postage packages from JABODETABEK are more efficient and affordable.

Hopefully your online shopping will be more fun with Tips from Mas TIKI. What are you waiting for, let's send your package using TIKI now.