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Asrindra B. W.

08 October 2021, 15:50

3 Life Changing Words Become More Positive

TIKI friends, on this Friday, Mas TIKI wants to tell you 3 Life Changing Words to Be More Positive

  1. Sorry
    TIKI friends, humans are creatures who need each other. And no human is perfect. Because it's natural that there are errors. Apologizing doesn't mean losing. People who are able to apologize and admit their mistakes are true winners.
  2. Please
    Is a word that should be said when we ask for help from others. Saying the word “please” makes us more aware of our weaknesses and limitations. In addition, we are also better able to accept ourselves as we are, and see what we can and cannot do.
  3. Thank you
    Every human being has a desire to be respected. Therefore, as an expression of our gratitude and appreciation for the kindness that someone has given us, we should say thank you. Therefore, do not forget to always say thank you.

TIKI friends, these 3 words may be very trivial, but they contain the meaning of politeness in social relations. Even though times have changed and are present, but always keep your manners in social relationships, okay.