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19 November 2021, 13:26

Starter Kit During The Rain Season

Hi Friends, according to the Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), most parts of Indonesia are currently entering the rainy season, which is predicted to peak in January-February 2022.

For that, Mas TIKI would like to remind you to always provide a starter kit during the rainy season

  • Spare Outfit
    To anticipate if your clothes get wet when it rains, it's better to bring spare clothes. Because we don't know for sure when it will rain. Also prepare a towel to wipe your face or body when it rains.
  • Vitamin
    The rainy season is synonymous with the development of various diseases such as influenza and so on. To keep your body fit and healthy, you must carry or provide vitamins in your bag.
    Vitamins A and C
    Various studies reveal that these two vitamins function as a source of immune system support.
    Vitamin B6
    This vitamin is very important to support biochemical reactions in the immune system.
  • Backup Mask
    Due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are required to apply health protocols, one of which is wearing a mask. When it rains, the masks used will become wet and no longer effective to wear. Therefore, it is recommended to bring a spare mask to replace a wet mask.
  • Umbrella
    This is something that you must bring, my friend.
    There are things to consider when choosing an umbrella to carry
  • Non-slip handle
    The slippery handle of the umbrella makes it uncomfortable and safe to use.
    Materials that are not slippery are usually made of rubber. Handles made of rubber are relatively safe to hold and not slippery.
  • Umbrella size and weight
    The size and weight of the umbrella must be adjusted to the size of our posture. If it is too small it will not protect us optimally from the rain. While too big will be difficult for us because it is quite heavy when carried. Mas TIKI just keeps missing if you bring a big umbrella.
  • Don't forget to bring plastic too to wrap the umbrella after use.
  • Raincoat
    For those of you who ride a motor bike, a raincoat is a must. If you want to bring a compact, you can use a poncho raincoat. So in addition to protecting our bodies, we can also protect our belongings.
  • Boots
    Don't let your friend wear the wrong type of shoes when it rains. Because later the shoes will get wet and quickly damaged. One type of shoe that is suitable when it rains is boots. Boots are indeed a common choice when it rains. When you are outside, you don't need to be afraid of rainwater getting into your feet. Boots will really protect you from rain or puddles on the road.