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22 November 2021, 08:46

Improve These Professional Skills to Welcome 2022

Hello friends, happy Monday! Monday is the day to start all goodness and success in the next week. And on this Monday, Mas TIKI would like to invite you to improve your professional skills.

Why do we need to be prepared?

Right now, there have been many developments happening around us. High-speed mobile internet, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and cloud technologies have started to improve. In the years ahead, many companies will implement systems that are automated, digitally and using robots.

In addition, the division of labor between humans, machines, and algorithms is changing rapidly. According to the world economic forum, by 2022 it is estimated that the average human task hours will shift to 58% of hours, and 42% by machines or algorithms.

For that, according to the world economic forum, you need to prepare and develop new skills, namely:

Analytical Thinking and innovation

With analytical thinking we are expected to understand something (condition, situation, or problem) by breaking down the problem into several small parts. In addition, it is also able to map complex and multidimensional problems into simpler ones, making it easier to develop alternative solutions to problems.

Active Learning and Learning Strategies

as workers, we are expected to be independent and have active learning abilities that make the individual have a strong will to continue to learn and apply the knowledge gained to improve his performance.

Creativity, Originality and Initiative

is a 'human' skill that cannot be replaced by machines. So we have to develop these skills.

Technology Design and Programming

Technology has become part of our lifestyle, therefore we must know and master technology.

Critical Thinking, and Analysis

Critical and analytical thinking are thought processes that encourage us to make better decisions. these two abilities are needed to find solutions to make the right decisions in order to improve company performance.

Complex Problem Solving

These skills are needed so that workers can see problems from various perspectives and find the most appropriate approach to find the best solution.

Can Lead and Provide Social Influence

A company definitely needs a leader who can influence and control its members in order to achieve company targets.

Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Ideation

Companies need employees who are capable of solving problems as well as formulating the best ideas.

Attention to detail, durability and flexibility

Competition in the world of work is getting tougher day by day. This condition then requires a worker to have the ability to pay attention to detail, withstand the pressures of life plus stress tolerance and high flexibility in order to adapt in difficult conditions.

Let's learn and develop these skills together, buddy. I hope you are healthy and happy always.