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24 November 2021, 16:21

Send Packages Using TIKI to JABODETABEK Delivery Fee Will be More Saved

Package delivery to Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (JABODETABEK) areas is getting easier day by day. Many shipping services are competing to serve the area. However, there are still many potential customers who are confused about choosing a delivery service. One of them is Dimas.

Dimas was preparing documents to be sent to the branch office in Bekasi when Mrs. Vina arrived. "Dimas, have the documents for the Bekasi branch been prepared?" asked Mrs. Vina. "Yes ma'am. Just what shipping service do I use? Do you have any suggestions?", asked Dimas.

"Just try using TIKI Dimas". "Why do you have to use TIKI, ma'am?" asked Dimas.

TIKI has been serving the country for 51 years

As a local company owned by the nation's children, TIKI has served Indonesia for 51 years. That means TIKI is still trusted by the Indonesian people in package delivery. Moreover, TIKI has many branches in JABODETABEK and throughout Indonesia.

Send packages using TIKI can be from the TIKI application

Through the TIKI application, TIKI friends can now send packages without having to leave home or work. Just order from the application, later Mas TIKI will pick up your package. You can continue your activities or work without the hassle of sending packages.

For delivery to JABODETABEK there is a Shipping Promo

For delivery of packages within the city (city courier) there is a shipping promo (postage) for package delivery from JABODETABEK. This promo is valid until December 31, 2021. So it's definitely more economical if you send a package using TIKI.

"So Dimas," said Mrs. Vina explaining. "Okay Mom, I'll just send the package using TIKI". , said Dimas.