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21 January 2022, 15:32


Hi friends, there is a story about three old man. Here's the story:

One day a mother saw three old man sitting in front of her house. Feeling compassion, the mother offers them food and invites them into the house. "Is your husband at home?" asked the three old man. "Nothing, he hasn't come home from work yet," said the mother. "So we can't go in," said the three old men.

In the afternoon, when her husband had returned home, the mother told him about the three old man. “Now tell the three geezers that I have returned. Invite them to eat with us”, said the father. The mother then came out and invited them in. "We can't go in together," said the three old men. "Why?" asked the mother.

One of the old man explained: "His name is Wealth", said the grandfather, pointing to his friend next to him. And I love," he said introducing himself. "Now tell your husband, which of us will you invite into your house," asked the old man whose name was Love.

The mother returned to the house and told her husband. The father replied, "Oh, let's invite Wealth. Let him come in and fill our house with a lot of treasure.” The mother did not agree. “Why don't we invite Success? Let us be successful in our life.” The daughter who had been listening to her parents' conversation said, "Why don't we just invite Love to the house? Our house will be full of love!". The Boy also agreed.

Finally the mother came out and asked the three old man, "Which of you is called Love? Come on in and eat with us. The old man named Love immediately stood up and walked towards the house. The other two old man also stood up and followed him.

The mother asked the two old man, "I only invited Love, why did you also come in?" But because you invited Love, wherever he is, we will be there for him too. Where there is love, there will be wealth and success.

Well friends, from the story above we are taught to not only seek Wealth and Success. But the most important thing is love or affection in the family. Happy Friday friends. Have a great time with your family this weekend!