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28 January 2022, 08:54


Hello friend. Who just got paid? Come on, show your hand! So that our payday money doesn't just pass, let's try the Kakeibo technique or the right way to save and live frugally in the style of Japanese society.

Kakeibo (pronounced: kah-keh-boh), is a method of saving Japanese society since hundreds of years ago. Uniquely, the Kakeibo technique was not invented by economists or businessmen but was invented by the first female journalist in Japan, Hani Motoko in 1904.

There are four important statements to ask yourself if you want to apply the concept of Kakeibo. 1. How much money is available? 2. How much was spent? 3. How much should be saved? 4. How to improve the budgeting process?

The fourth question point is the reason behind the importance of Kakeibo for financial management. Kakeibo advises adherents of his philosophy to be aware every day of how much money he spends on daily needs and to track expenses that are completely out of control. This can be realized through manual methods such as daily expense records using pen and paper.

For income, what must be recorded regularly is when and where it comes from, for example monthly salary, including if there is a side business. If any receivables are received, record them. Also if you have insurance and get cash value or benefits or stages are also recorded as receipts

Next, record the estimated number of needs. To make it easier to remember expenses, divide them into several posts. For example, certain primary expenditures (such as monthly expenses, transportation, house payments, motor vehicle payments, children's school fees, electricity or water bills), secondary expenses (shopping for house equipment, buying clothes, traveling), and emergency expenses ( costs to the repair shop when the vehicle breaks down, costs to the doctor when sick).

To make it easier, you can use envelopes as a place for funds or money for each expenditure post. For example, monthly shopping envelopes and travel envelopes. If the contents of the envelope have been used up or empty, never take money from another envelope, this is where you are required to be disciplined.

Then do an evaluation, namely from the envelope you have, see if there are any left. Research which posts have been saved, which posts have cost a lot of money. One of the best results of adopting Kakeibo is that it allows you to introspect and reflect on your current spending habits and ultimately, achieve your short-term and long-term goals.